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HSE / QSE features of Themis QHSE Manager

We are developing the QHSE software according to you: we start with your needs, and we offer an outstanding solution.

It is thanks to this pragmatic approach that today we offer a complete functional solution on most projects.

Discover the features of Themis QHSE Manager.

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-sites
  • Equipment / Locations
  • Tree structure with unlimited levels
  • Multi-tree
  • Technical Models
  • Document Library
  • Regulation
Equipement technique
You will find in the QHSE manager, the entire hierarchy of equipment and location of your site, to target any research or action easily and efficiently.

  • Audit
  • Audits Trigger
  • Audit Reports Account
  • Inspection
  • Round Checkpoint
  • Trading Ranges
  • Checklists
  • Load Planning

Inspections management since Themis allows you to program and / or trigger audits and inspections of your facilities, enriched with all the information necessary for an effective implementation.

  • HSE Events
  • Corrective action
  • Compliance work
  • Work-reviews
  • Scoring
  • Planning of corrective actions
  • Request automatic purchase
  • Clearances and training
  • MMR (I), EIPS
  • Life Sheet Equipment
Maintenance curative
Real added value of Themis solution, the integrated business management software allows a complete control of the procedures, of the identification of an anomaly in its final resolution, with total traceability.

  • Clearances
  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Repositories
  • Compliance Period
  • Audits Planning
  • Traceability
  • Preformatted Reports
Réglementation QHSE

By integrating regulations monitoring (laws, standards, norms) to the HSE/QSE manager, you facilitate their operation, monitoring compliance and make the information available at all time for everyone.


  • By equipment
  • By group of equipment
  • Follow up
  • Manage up
  • PPE Monitoring
  • Stock of equipment
  • Link to group and trades
  • Individual Assignment
  • Article Management

From QHSE Themis software, manage the implementation and monitoring of your risk management measures (RMM), as well as personal protection equipments (PPE).

  • RA Document Sync
  • Workforce Sync
  • Schedule/Scores Sync
  • Report Output
  • Training follow-up
  • Assignments monitoring
  • Clearances follow-ups
  • Exposure Monitoring
Compte pénibilité

The HSE Themis software allows you to set up and manage your users drudgery accounts with serenity, relying on processed data already in the software in order to greatly facilitate its management.

  • Single parts
  • Multi-Store
  • Multi-vendor
  • Purchase order
  • Price Quote
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Reception
  • Auto Replenishment
  • Direct Purchasing parts & services
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Billing
All consumable stocks of articles and can be managed simply from the QHSE software: replacement part for RMMs, instruments, PPEs …

  • Account assignment
  • Budgetary appropriation
  • Follow-up and analysis of expenditure
  • Budget monitoring of outsourcing contracts
  • Accounting interface with ERP

Your budget must be well controlled. With Themis, you always have an overall view of your expenses and can directly send information to anyone with a click.

  • Manage Sites
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Groups
  • Import / Export Data
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • RSS Feeds
  • Edit screens
  • Edit tabs and charts
  • Manage Dashboards
  • Manage reports
  • Customize HSE software

The QHSE Themis manager joins organizing your company via its complete and accessible administration interface.

All your quality management functionality, hygiene, safety and environment together in one software!

Themis offers a wide range of functionalities covering most of QHSE management needs, with modules extending its scope to maintenance operations, mobile tools or accounting.

With Themis you will get a wide and flexible HSE – QSE tool, able to centralize many issues to improve the quality of production and the working environment; promoting the proper functioning equipment and efficiency of the site, both on the human and material aspect.Fonctions HSE QSE QHSE

From your HSE manager, you will have access to all of your tools in an intuitive and reactive manner, thanks to the refined ergonomics and pleasant interface of QSE Themis software.

Once configured as desired, the menus and screens on your QHSE Manager will be fully optimized to the needs of each trade’s tools, each user, allowing it to further improve the experience of QHSE management and increase your efficiency every day, on both strategic and operational aspects.

DSDSystem's expertise

Since 2003, DSDSYSTEM accompanies companies from all sectors in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With over 200 customer references and projects followed for up to over a decade, the company is able to help you, wether you are a small local business or a worldwide group.

DSDSYSTEM is your partner of choice in all yout CMMS and QHSE software deployment projects, from the design of your IT systems, to the staff training and long-term accompaniment.

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