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Full Web Technology of the QHSE Themis Software

The HSE Themis software was developed in Java based on Opensource tools, making it a native FullWeb software.

Fast, available, stable and economical, Themis is designed to give you the best QHSE management tools


Why choose the Full Web technology Themis?

You will find below a table comparing the different software architectures, demonstrating the interest to opt for a native Full Web technology.



How does a QHSE Full Web software work?

Thanks to web technology, you do not have to install anything on your computer: the software is installed on a server and accepts an unlimited number of users and sites.

Any workstation connected to that server can therefore use the QHSE manager, thanks to its web browser.

In its configuration “web deployment,” it is you who decide the coverage of the CMMS: wireline, wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth …), internet or mobile data. Whatever the distance, CMMS remains accessible without installation!

When updating the software or hardware, only the server must be reinstalled, which provides a gain in time and considerable budget savings.

Only the native technology of Themis QHSE Manager ™ guarantees you all the advantages of Full Web.

full web softwareWe then talk about a thin client – server architecture. In contrast to heavy and rich clients, it is the only architecture allowing to oneself entirely from the user installation.

Other architectures, such as heavy virtualized or rich client customer are often Web stamped or Full Web, allowing you to enjoy all or part of the software features through a browser, but retains a heavy-client server core technology, with the defects mentioned above.

If you have any doubts about the technology of your software, please contact us immediately, we will evaluate the overall effectiveness of the solution in place.

DSDSystem's expertise

Since 2003, DSDSYSTEM accompanies companies from all sectors in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With over 200 customer references and projects followed for up to over a decade, the company is able to help you, wether you are a small local business or a worldwide group.

DSDSYSTEM is your partner of choice in all yout CMMS and QHSE software deployment projects, from the design of your IT systems, to the staff training and long-term accompaniment.

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